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20 creative things to do when bored at home

Creative things to do when bored at home

It looks like we’re all going to be spending a lot more time at home than normal.

Although I feel like I’ve been practising my whole life for self isolation (I’ve always got an unreasonable amount of books on the ‘to read’ shelf and last year bought myself a guitar to learn!) if you’re feeling shock to the system, here’s 20 ideas for how you can take advantage of this uncertain time to fit in some creativity and keep your mind off current affairs even if only briefly.

Even the simplest of creative activities will top up your tank but please be kind to yourself and remember that it’s also ok to do absolutely nothing. Just thinking about being creative is creativity in my mind!

  1. Start journaling - Imagine reading back through your entries right now in a few years!

  2. Read that artist biography you have that’s impractically big - The Leonardo Da Vinchi one has been on my shelf for too long for that very reason.

  3. Read up on a craft you’d like to try - Or read about literally anything in the world!

  4. Dig out whatever craft supplies you have hidden and use them.

  5. Don’t have any craft supplies? Order a craft kit! - Check out Cotton Clara (embroidery kits), Darwin and Gray (handmpainted decorative banner kit) and Sew Projects (knicker making kit!) but there are so so many great craft kits available to do at home. Check out if any of your favourite makers offer any!

  6. Take an online class in literally anything! - Some crafty online classes that spring to mind are Katie Gillies online Terrazzo Coaster Workshop and Origami Est’s Origami Homeware Workshops but again check if your favourite maker offers online classes.

  7. Cook a new recipe - You could eve create your own cocktail to go with it.

  8. Write a poem - Hell, start writing a book!

  9. Practice that instrument that’s gathering dust - I’m loving watching Laura Marling’s guitar lessons for some of her songs live on her Instagram.

  10. Don’t have an instrument? Learn about music theory online! - I’m learning guitar entirely from YouTube.

  11. Watch an online gig - Some of my favourite artists have been creative with how to connect with fans in these strange times. I’ve been loving watching Ben Gibbard’s daily live YouTube streams.

  12. Learn a new language - Duolingo is a great app for this.

  13. Listen to a creative podcast - Indie Roller and Creative Boom are a couple of my current favourites.

  14. Spend some time discovering new (to you) music - I discovered new (to me) music this week after watching an amazing Instagram Live Oxfam fundraiser hosted by Courtney Barnett (my favourite ever!) and Lucius. Thank you internet!

  15. Send your friends or family a handmade card or postcard - You could even make your street handmade cards to offer your help right now.

  16. Take a virtual tour of a museum or gallery.

  17. Practise photography at home.

  18. Start sketching - Doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’re ‘good’ at it. Try something silly like drawing whoever you’re at home with with your eyes closed!

  19. Start a scrapbook of memories from photographs - Lollipop Box Club do all sorts of scrapbooking supplies and tutorials.

  20. Handmake some zero waste swaps like reusable clothes or natural surface cleaner.

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Creatives things to do when bored at home

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