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Awesome Merch visit Today

Awesome Merch visit Today Studio in Leeds

10 years after moving to Leeds it’s so exciting to have my own Bricks and Mortar space in the City to grow into and to connect with other people through. There’s a buzzing independent scene in Leeds and very much a sense of community and collaboration, with one company in particular enabling other indie businesses to thrive armed with the products and promotional material that’s crucial to getting your business out there.

Awesome Merch are an independent Leeds merchandise company who can print anything and everything you might need for product or promo, and are a real success story of how big small business can get (they started over 10 years ago just making badges in the bedroom of the owner and now have a factory not only in Leeds but in Austin USA too!).

I like supporting other independent businesses when I can, so they’re my go to for the printed material, so when they asked could they come film us having a chat in the studio it was my pleasure to have them!

I’m not normally one to be lost for words, but when they put their huge camera in front of me all the words I’ve ever known evaporated out of my mind hahaha. Definitely need to work on my confidence in front of the camera, but it was real nice of them to think of me as the first person in their new campaign of spotlighting creatives relationships they’ve built in the City and beyond.

Video of me freezing and forgetting every reason I set up the studio coming your way soon hahaha. For now here’s some photos they took while they were here. Thanks so much Awesome!


DIY decor at Today Studio Leeds

Craft class venue in Leeds

Creative studio in Leeds

Craft classes for adults in Leeds venue

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