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Botanical Beginners Illustration Class

Botanical beginners illustration class in Leeds at Today Studio

If you’re the sort that can happily pass the day tending to, or just gazing at your plants (my favourite kind of day!) then I have a feeling you’ll like the Botanical Illustration Workshop here on Saturday 21st March with Laura from Dear Prudence.

I asked Laura a couple of real quick questions to see what we can expect from the workshop.

Botanical beginners illustration class in Leeds at Today Studio

Hey Laura, can you introduce yourself...

Hi Searlait, my name is Laura Park, and I am the founder behind stationery and illustration brand Dear Prudence. I have been running the old girl since 2010 and over the years have worked with some amazing brands.
About a year ago I thought it would be really fun to start an illustration club in my studio. Bringing likeminded people once a week to enjoy watercolour painting, a brew and a chat. It was a huge success. Now I travel with the illustration club finding Cool new workshop spaces, cafes, church halls and studios.

What can people expect from your workshop?

So, in my workshop at Today studio we will be really studying house plants. We will play with a limited colour palette and I will demonstrate and show you how to get the best results from watercolour. I will provide you with a few different ideas for paper and using your paper in creative, fun ways to paint on. I will also chat about illustration, show examples, and how to find your own unique style.

Do you need any experience to take part?

This is an open for all class. You can be a beginner or a professional artist. Anyone, who is interested in painting with watercolours will get something out of it.

Do you need to bring anything with you?

You don’t need to bring anything, I provide it all! Unless you have your own watercolours and brushes that you are used too using.

Finally, are there any creative workshops you'd love to have a go at yourself?

I would love to try macrame and also some kind of natural cleaning workshop. So new ways to clean your home without harsh chemicals.

Thanks so much Laura, looking forward to it!

Botanical beginners illustration class in Leeds at Today Studio

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