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Botanical Beginners Embroidery Class

Beginners embroidery class in Leeds hosted by Lucy Freeman

You know when you see someones work and you think “wow…I have never seen anything quite like that!”. That’s what I thought when I first seen Lucy Freeman’s work. In her embroidery I especially love her combination of unusual stitches in unexpected colour combinations that are fizzing with vibrancy and personality.
I can’t wait to have a go myself under the guidance of Lucy, and I asked her some super quick questions to find out more and see what we can expect from her workshop…

Beginners embroidery class in Leeds at Today Studio

Hey Lucy, can you introduce yourself...

Hello! I'm a textile artist based in Sheffield, I create intricate hand embroidered artworks that celebrate the botanical beauty of the natural world. Bright, modern and colourful, my techniques are a fresh take on the traditional craft, which I seek to engage a new generation of enthusiasts for! 

How long have you been making your gorgeous botanical embroideries?

My first time trying out embroidery was only three years ago! I struggled with the complicated traditional methods, and so made up new stitches that are simple, quick, and much more freestyle, and developed my style from there.  

What can people expect from your workshop?

This workshop will be both a smaller group and longer session than usual, so you can expect plenty of time and space to perfect the stitches and build a beautiful botanical design. There'll be loads of embroidery examples to look through for inspiration, a huge variety of stencils and imagery ideas and the whole spectrum of thread and fabric colours to choose from. It'll be a relaxing, therapeutic afternoon that will leave you with a new hobby and a gorgeous artwork to hang up at home!

Do you need any experience to take part?

None at all, I start from the absolute basics, even if you can't thread a needle!

Do you need to bring anything with you?

No, all materials are provided and taken home with you afterwards. 

Are there any creative workshops you'd love to have a go at yourself?

I'm enjoying watching the great pottery throw down at the moment, I'd love to learn how to wheel-throw a vase, without sending clay flying across the room! 

Thanks so much Lucy. I can’t wait!

Beginners embroidery class in Leeds at Today Studio

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