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Craft Classes in Leeds at Today Studio. What makes it different?

Looking for a craft class in Leeds? You've found the right place!

Today Studio is a unique and inspiring creative space in Leeds City Centre where you can attend awesome craft classes for adults hosted by some of the most exciting independent makers around.

The makers who host the craft classes at Today Studio are actually making a living from selling the beautiful wares they’re going to teach you how to make...How cool is that?!

So for example; Learn how to make your own bespoke terrazzo coasters with Katie Gillies who’s an awesome surface designer working with terrazzo. Blend your own uniquely scented natural soy candle with Lizzy from Cedar, a Manchester based candle company. Get an expert introduction into the art of modern calligraphy with Phylecia Sutherland who designs bespoke hand lettered stationary.

Here at Today Studio the mission is for you to meet some awesome makers, get a peek behind the curtain at their process and to make quality wares you can treasure forever. All this wrapped up in a fun, friendly and informal environment so you can go from complete beginner to master maker is just a couple of hours under the passionate guidance of talented people who don’t care if you don’t know the right end of a pencil from the wrong one.

What makes the craft classes at Today Studio different from those at other creative venues in Leeds?

There are some truly great creative spaces in Leeds already putting on art and craft classes, workshops and events worth checking out (I’ve listed some of my favourite at the end of this post) but here’s how Today Studio offers you something completely different.

The craft classes hosted at Today Studio have been carefully selected to be the cream of the crop, top notch creative experiences picked especially because you will leave feeling ready to burst with pride at what you’ve made. They all take you on a journey from zero experience to creating quality wares you never thought you were capable of, and it’s all down to the passion of the hosts who’ve put in the leg work to design a framework and environment where you learn a LOT while having a lot of fun. You’ll feel the buzz of learning with someone who is passionate about what they do, and leave with a real sense of pride in what you’ve made and something quality you can literally treasure forever.

Speaking of environment, Today Studio is far from the norm. Part craft workshop venue, part working creative studio, part cosy living room. It is the space I searched for when trying to find the perfect place to host my own jewellery making workshops and couldn’t find (when you can’t find it, make it happen!).

Attending a creative class and trying something new can be daunting enough as it is without feeling uncomfortable in an uninspiring environment, and I want everyone who visits the studio to feel right at home. Make yourself a cuppa, have a nosey around a working creative studio, meet some friendly folk who just want to share the joy they get from making, and feel the inspiration starting to flow!

All this, less than 2 minutes walk from Leeds City Train Station. Now that’s convenient right?!

What to expect from a craft class

By their nature craft classes are perfect for beginners as the content is delivered in such a way that you get an all round introduction to some of the basic principles of a craft in just a few hours. Usually you leave with a completed product or piece you made yourself to show for your hard work too!

All costs like the tools and materials you’ll be using are usually included in the ticket price (they always are in the workshops in Today Studio), so no hidden fees along the way. Depending on the expense of the equipment some workshop hosts even let attendees take the tools home with them to continue practicing at home (that’s what Phylecia does with her Calligraphy and Brush Lettering workshops here!)

Even if you don’t get to take the tools home at the end of it, attending a craft class is the perfect way to try before you buy. You can get a feel for something without having to invest in the time or money of researching what you’ll need and forking out for it.

Craft classes are always hosted by passionate people who want to share the joy they get from their craft with others and here at Today Studio all the hosts are actually making a living from doing what they’re sharing with you! So don’t be shy if you have any questions and need to reach out to the workshop host. I can guarantee they’ll be happy to help answer any questions or provide any extra information you need.

Today Studio is only one small venue in a city hugely rich with creativity. Here’s some other ace independent workshop spaces you should check out:

  • Stitch-Up - An awesome social enterprise spreading the joy of textile based crafts to all ages through workshops aimed to enrich communities and empower people of all ages.

  • Workshop - Cafe and sewing room equipping others with the skills to embrace slow fashion and crafting your own clothes.

  • The Greenhouse - Coworking space encouraging wellbeing and personal development through events and talks.

  • Sunken Studio - Ceramic studio membership and classes for ceramicists (and budding ceramicists!) at every stage of their journey.

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