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Everyone starts as a beginner

Do not put off doing something you want to do for fear of not ‘knowing what you’re doing’. Absolutely everyone starts off as a beginner. Literally everyone. You are not expected to know what you’re doing if you haven’t done it before, and even the most seasoned pro will remember the time before they ‘knew what they were doing’.

All the craft classes here at Today Studio are designed so complete beginners cut through the years of practise it takes to master a craft, and get straight to the good bit of getting a taste of creating something you can treasure forever, under the guidance of someone who doesn’t care if you don’t know the right end of a pencil from the wrong one. They just want to share their passion and skills with others, and they definitely do not expect you to know what you’re doing!

Perfecting a practise takes time. Alot of time. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of something! We’re only going to dip our toe for a couple of hours in the craft classes here, but the aim is to give you a taste of something to see if it then ignites a passion in you to go home and maybe continue practising!

I’m reading Creativity Rules by Tina Selig at the minute and one particular thing stuck with me…’passion comes from engagement’. What this means is that our passions come off the back of giving something a go. When we try something new we are not unleashing some inbuilt bank of knowledge we never knew we had, what is actually happening is that we’re testing the water to see if this new thing might appeal to us enough (i.e. ignite a passion in us) to drive us to want to practise and get better.

Sometimes people pick things up quicker than others, but that doesn’t mean they are ‘better’ at it, it might just mean their particular bank of experiences lets them get the hang of something quicker. The good news is this ability is available to us all and grows as we experience more!

It makes me sad to think of people writing off their own abilities thinking they should know what they’re doing before they’ve done it, and denying themselves of what could be their passion in life. As any maker will tell you, perfection doesn’t exist. Just practise. Alot of practise. So if you’re ever feeling put off doing something because you feel clueless, just know that that very cluelessness might actually be a passion in disguise! Or, you might just have an enjoyable couple of hours trying something new even if you never do it again. Win win!

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Thoughts on Creativity - Everyone starts as a beginner

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