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Indie Roller meet-up with Amanda Perry

The studio was fit to burst this weekend with inspiring independent creative business owners for the Indie Roller Leeds Meet-Up with straight talking business growth strategist Amanda Perry as the special guest.

Indie Roller is a myth busting community for the creative indie business owners and this talk hosted by Leona from Indie Roller in conversation with Amanda Perry, discussed visibility, staying true to your values, sticking to your own lane, and goal setting for the remainder of the year.

Some fun but frank take-aways from the talk…

  • “Don’t be a needy Gollum” - Your energy leads! Make sure you’re always leading with your passion unapologetically. If you’re not confident in why you’re doing it, how can you expect anyone else to have confidence in you?

  • “Remember why you started” - What were you looking for when you jumped on the rollercoaster of running your own business? More freedom? More family time? More down down? Don’t forget what’s most important, whatever that is for you.

  • “If you don’t enjoy it, do something else” - My favourite take away from the whole day. You are in charge of your business. If you’re not enjoying it you have the ability to make a change!


Indie Roller meet-up with Amanda Perry

DIY studio kitchen decor at Today Studio Leeds

Indie Roller meet-up in Leeds with Amanda Perry

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