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Reasons To Do An Online Jewellery Making Course

Jewellery making is a great hobby. It can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can create one of a kind pieces for yourself, or make memorable gifts for loved ones. You can do it purely for fun, or you can even make some money selling your creations! If you’ve often thought about giving it a go but are reluctant to sign up for an in-person class, here’s some reasons for doing an online jewellery making course instead. What are you waiting for?

Reasons to do an online jewellery making course

Learn a new skill

Whether it’s an online jewellery making course you go for, or an in-person one, the whole point is to learn something new right? There are jewellery making courses for everything you’d ever want to learn. So whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re wanting to improve, there will be a course for you. This in itself can become overwhelming once you start to do your homework, so I’ve listed some links to where to go at the end of this post.

Increase your confidence

Deciding to learn something new is a big step. It can feel vulnerable being a beginner and feeling out of your comfort zone. These are natural feelings that come with opening yourself up to new challenges and you should not take your fear or worry as a reason to not try something (read why you shouldn’t let fear get in the way here).

The good thing about an online jewellery making course is that it strikes a balance. You’re out of your comfort zone learning something new, but you’re doing it from the comfort of your own home. Learning a new skill increases self-confidence no matter where you do it from, so if you’d rather be in familiar surroundings, do it! You’ll still get the same sense of pride and accomplishment from what you make.

Do it in your own time

Everyone’s life is different. Everyone has a varying degree of commitments that might make attending an in-person jewellery making course problematic, or even impossible. The great thing about an online jewellery making course is that if it’s pre-recorded like the Today Pin Badge Making Class, you can sit down to make at a time that suits you.

Also, if not being able to keep up is a worry that puts you off attending craft classes in-person, a pre-recorded class gives you the freedom to digest the course content at a time that works for you. You can even replay parts if you get stuck or want to go over a particular process again.


Online jewellery making course

Ready to start your jewellery making journey?

Today’s Online Pin Badge Making Class includes all the tools you need to take part, delivered to your door. You’ll learn to master a jewellers saw (the most important tool in any jewellers box) to pierce your one of a kind pins from solid brass. With your new skills (and tools!) you’ll be ready to start experimenting and finding your own style. If it’s anything like when I first picked up a jewellers saw, you’ll never look back!

Once you’ve got the beginnings of a tool collection, here’s some useful places to expand on your learning:

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