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Silver Clay Jewellery Making Class with Becca Macdonald

What a treat to witness the magic of Silver Clay Jewellery Making with Becca Macdonald!

Becca is an experimental jeweller based in Saltaire, Yorkshire who preserves fleeting moments in sculptural silver jewellery forms as wearable works of art. She uses Silver Clay herself in her Brush Stroke collection and her passion for the material shines through in her silver clay jewellery making class.

The class began with a couple of hours playing with modelling clay, pressing, sculpting and scrunching to get the ideas flowing for what our silver creations would be. Becca brought plenty of intriguing objects to try out textures and get inspired by their forms, and she had encouraged us to being our own objects ahead of time also to have a go imprinting textures and scribing forms from them.

After we came to our final ideas (or felt confident in our ability to wing it!) we recreated our favourite idea onto the magic stuff…the Silver Clay!

Hands down best bit was taking it in turns to use the blow torch to magically fire our clay pieces and watch everyones creations transform into solid silver in front of our eyes.

The class finished off with Becca soldering on the necessary bits and bobs to our pieces to make them wearable, and we finished by polishing them up shiny as a button. It was amazing how far what seemed like a teeny piece of silver clay really goes!

Perfect relaxing day spend sculpting yourself (or someone else!) some one of a kind jewellery that can be treasured forever.

Silver clay jewellery making class in Leeds City Centre

Silver clay jewellery making class in Leeds at Today Studio

Silver clay jewellery making class in Leeds at Today Studio

Silver Clay Jewellery Making Class in Leeds

Silver clay jewellery making class in Leeds with Becca Macdonald

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