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Simple Creative Things to do at Home (with just a pen)

Are you going up the walls with nothing to do at home and wish you had a craft room right now stuffed right up to the door with supplies, tools and materials to keep you occupied for a lifetime? That does sound like it would be amazing, but you don’t need any specialist gear to be creative at home, and we all know the positive well being benefits of being creative right? So here’s some simple ideas of things anyone (yes anyone) can do at home provided you own a pen. And really, if you don’t own a pen how are you doing all your boring life bits?!

These are so damn obvious you won’t even have bothered to let them cross your mind…

1. Doodle

Yup. I’m starting with this one. Remember when you used to doodle on the address book (remember them!?) while chin wagging on the phone for hours, or on your textbooks or even the desk through the boring classes in school because all you had to hand to tackle the boredom was a pen? Well find something to doodle on and get started!

If you’ve got a brain block of what to doodle, just start with lines, circles, swiggles, just put pen to paper and see what comes out!

2. Draw

Now you’re warmed up, you could graduate from drawing nothing, to drawing something. Anything. A fun one to do is to draw things or people with your eyes closed for a laugh, or you could go the opposite way and concentrate on creating a more realistic study of a something in your home. 

3. Go Pointalist

Related to drawing but I feel like it deserves a point of its own. Have a go putting LOADS of dots down to create an image, to create a pattern or a gradient is Pointalist style (artwork made up from loads and loads of tiny dots). This can really get quite meditative and really play tricks with your eyes, so you might find this particularly relaxing to zone out to.

4. Write

Almost too obvious to even say, but put pen to paper to actually write something! You could start a record of your thoughts by starting to journal, you could have a go at writing a poem, a short story, a positive affirmation, when was the last time you actually wrote words on a page that weren’t some kind on to-do list?

5. Experiment with lettering

I’m going back to school here, but remember when you used to write your name over and over in different ways on EVERYTHING you could put your pen to? Well hand lettering has come on a long way since school days and now there is so much amazing hand lettering and modern calligraphy styles, why not have a go playing with making your own style letters! Write your name, write a positive quote, your favourite song lyric, the shopping list, anything!

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