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Soy Candle Making Workshop

Soy candle making workshop in Leeds by Cedar

Are you a serial candle collector? I don’t care what anyone says I am always overjoyed when I receive a candle as a gift! It’s the simple things that make all the difference, like lighting a candle when you get home and taking a moment to appreciate the scent filling the room.
If you’ve ever visited Form Lifestyle Store in Manchester you will have been greeted with some gorgeous scents, and I’m so excited to welcome the lady behind those smells to host a candle making workshop here in Leeds!
The handmade soy candles in questions are made by Manchester based lifestyle brand and candle company, Cedar. I asked Lizzy what we can expect from her upcoming candle making class.

Soy candle making class in Leeds at Today Studio

Hey Lizzy, can you introduce yourself

Hi there! So, I’m part time school teacher and part time chandler (fancy name for a candle maker) from Manchester. I started Cedar about two years ago but I had been making candles as a sanity project for some time before that. 

What can people expect from your workshop?

You can expect a relaxing and informal atmosphere. The workshop is as much about taking some time out for yourself as it is about learning a new skill. First off, I will talk you through the candle making process and then you will use our signature fragrance oils to make your first candle. Once you have got to grips with the basics, you will use essential oils to blend your own scent. So, you will have two candles to take home with you to enjoy!

Do you need any experience to take part?

Nope, absolutely none. Candle making isn’t too complicated and scent is so personal that there is no right or wrong!

Do you need to bring anything with you?

No, all materials and equipment will be provided. All you need to bring is some positive vibes and a willingness to learn. You may need to wait around for 10 minutes or so to allow you candles to set at the end.

Are there any creative workshops you'd love to have a go at yourself?

My aim of the year was actually to learn lots of new skills to enjoy so I’ve been to a few already but there is lots I still want to try, including one of your ring workshops Searlait!

Thanks so much Lizzy I can’t wait! The studio is gonna smell so good!

Soy candle making workshop in Leeds at Today Studio

Soy candle making workshop in Leeds at Today Studio

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