Today is taking a break until 2021 🥰

Looking for

Looking for

The Short Version…

You’ve ended up here because I’m taking a break from making/selling jewellery for the foreseeable future to focus on craft experiences here at Today Studio.

If you were gifted a Gift Card I'd love if you wanted to redeem it against a place on one of my jewellery making workshops or towards an at home craft kit. If you’d prefer to redeem it against jewellery that is also still possible there will just be a few weeks wait while I make your jewellery to order.
Please email with the code on your Gift Card and I'll be happy to help you redeem it for whatever you fancy.

Thanks so much for your understanding in this cross-over period.

Looking for

The Long Version…

I’m taking a break from making/selling jewellery for the foreseeable future to follow the breadcrumbs of what is bringing me more happiness at this moment in time, but let me explain why.

I’m not saying I’m never making jewellery again, in fact maybe some time away from it will get the creative juices flowing for that new range I wanted to have designed last year but was feeling resistance against, but for now I have to be true to my gut feeling of where I want to go. Truth is that in 2019 I found a love for facilitating workshops and experiences that I had not been expecting. I am so proud to have set up Today Studio where people can come attend top notch creative classes (including my own jewellery making workshops) and I really want to throw all my energy at that for this coming year and see where it leads.
I love designing and making and feel so lucky and grateful for the people who support and believe in my little business and my products, and I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m turning my back on that string of my bow, but I’ve learnt that what I love more than making things people can treasure forever, is showing others they can do it too.

This year is going to be a lot of ‘new’. I’ve got new jewellery making workshops planned and ready to launch very soon, but something scary new is that I really want to offer workshops unrelated to jewellery making where I can bring my Furniture Making and building experience to the table and encourage the DIY shy to have a bash at building bits for their homes on their own. Aside from my ambitions for my own workshops for the year, I’m excited to establish Today Studio as the go-to Leeds City Centre place for fun, friendly & informal creatively through workshops and events hosted by some of the most exciting independent makers around.

Before Christmas when I got my post-it notes out and started setting goals for 2020, I’ll be completely honest and say that the first half of the year was going to be spent outsourcing and automating the jewellery making strand of my business. I was planning on completely outsourcing the production of the pieces as well as paying someone to grow and manager the wholesale of them. But when I came back to the studio after Christmas and sat down to begin this process I felt some resistance to the idea on reflection and I had to seriously ask myself ‘why am I doing this?’. Asking yourself ‘why’ you’re doing something is always muddy and hard to articulate, but it came down to the fact I wanted to free up my time from making and selling jewellery to work on the experience side of things, but I didn’t want to be seen to be incapable of keeping all the plates spinning, even though I knew myself I was happy to put that one down for a while to give all I’ve got to the others.

I can not tell you how excited I am for this year, I am so grateful for your continued support, and I hope you agree this decision is right for right now. Jewellery making has been the stepping stone that enabled me to connect with people in ways I never imagined I would, and I see putting it on the shelf for now as just another stepping stone in the journey. I hope you still want to follow along!